Brief Introduction

Since it was permitted to further implement undergraduate education in 2005, Xijing University has attached great importance to

scientific research by continuously increasing investment and bringing in high-level talents. As a result, the scientific research

keeps on making achievements with each passing day, thus providing a strong support for our university to strengthen connotation

construction and enhance school-running level.
Since its establishment, the Scientific Research Office has formulated and promulgated a series of practical and effective scientific  

research management regulations and stimulating policies in order to encourage teachers to take part in scientific work and publish

academic papers. Up to now, our university has obtained the approval of 180 scientific research projects with the overall research

expenditure of over 3.2 million yuan (USD 493,120) funded by government departments at various levels including a general project of

National Natural Science Foundation of China and an art project of National Social Science Foundation of China. The university has

signed more than 80 contracts of scientific research projects supported by enterprises with the total expenditure of over 35 million

yuan (USD 5.39 million). The teachers of the university have published more than 2000 academic papers including over 30 SCI papers,

about 120 CSCD and CSSCI papers as well as over 1300 core Chinese periodical papers.  
Up to now, the teachers of the university have applied for over 330 patents, of which 220 patents have been given licensing, including  

15 invention patents, 190 utility model patents ad 15 design patents. They have won a third prize for outstanding achievements in the

9th evaluation of philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi Province and two third prizes for science and technology awards for

institutions of higher learning in Shaanxi Province. Moreover, they have also won over 90 other scientific research achievement awards

and one base for the popularization of social sciences in Shaanxi Province.

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