The sports aerobics team from our university won the national champion in the 14th Health and Vitality Contest for College Students in China

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On Oct.28, the 14th Health and Vitality Contest for Chinese College Students and the Championship of Sports Aerobics and Campus Aerobics Dancing for Chinese College Students kicked off in Hangzhou of Zhejiang province. The competition categories were classified as the category of common colleges and universities, the high-level category and the category of sports colleges and universities. According to the statistics, more than 1,400 athletes and coaches from 110 colleges and universities around the country took part in the contest.  

In this contest, on the strength of their tenacious fighting spirit and valor of bravely forging ahead as well as firm confidence to win honor for our university, members of the aerobics team from our university gave their steady performance and displayed their miens. They obtained the approval of the referees through their perfect coordination and superb skills. Finally, they clinched a champion for women’s trio-aerobics, a runner-up for women’s octonary-aerobic dancing, a runner-up for stipulated women’s intermediate campus aerobics and a fourth place for women’s quintuple aerobics.  


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