The students from our university won the 1st prize in the 10th National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students

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On November 24, the 10th Advertising Art Design Competition for National College Students was held in National Political Consultative Conference Assembly Hall.

Themed as “I shine through creativity”, the competition was divided into a total of eight creative categories such as plane, video, animation, interaction, broadcast, case planning, copy-writing and public good, covering 29 competition areas distributed in 31 province-level administrative regions across the country.

In addition, in the competition of the sub-competition area at provincial level, the competitors from our university won five first prizes, eight second prizes, eighteen third prizes and 93 excellent prizes at provincial level with Zang Weijun, Wang Lei, Geng Jian, Wang Ying, Song Fuli, Xi Hui, Xie Tian, Liu Dian, Yang Fenghua, Qu Guixiang, Pu Zhaorui and Wang Sihan obtaining the titles of excellent faculty advisors.

Directed by Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education and jointly sponsored by the teaching steering committee specializing in journalism and communication of higher learning institutions under the Ministry of Education and the committee specializing in advertising education under China Association of Higher Education, the national advertising art design competition for college students is a national competition of liberal arts for higher learning institutions characterized by the largest scale, a wide coverage of colleges and universities and a large number of participants across the country.


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