Students from our university won the 2nd prize in National SDN Skill Competition for College Students

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On November 25, the 2nd National SDN (Software-Defined Networking) Skill Competition was held in Shenzhen. A representative team from our university succeeded in entering into the final.  

It is reported that nearly 280 competitors from over 110 higher vocational colleges in the country took part in the competition. After the preliminary competition, 51 competition teams entered into the final. After a one-day intense competition, Yuan Shuying and Fang Yujing, two students majoring in CNT (computer networking technology) in the class of 2017 from our university won the second national prizes. Sponsored by Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities (AFCEC) and undertaken by the committee specializing in higher vocational computer and e-commerce under the AFCEC, the competition is oriented towards the enrolled undergraduates and higher vocational college students and classified as the category of higher vocational colleges and that of undergraduate colleges or universities. The competition is aimed at enhancing college students’ enthusiasm for studying and applying new network technology, which is of important significance to further implementing the objective of cultivating application-oriented talents and talents in innovation and entrepreneurship and facilitating the industry-university-research combination.


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