The Briefing for the 6th Training of the Teachers of Our University in Singapore Was Held

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On the afternoon of January 1, the briefing for the 6th training of the teachers of our university was held. Vice-president Ma Chengsheng, responsible person of The Center for International Exchange Ren Changjiang, chief of The Section of Overseas Admissions under The Admissions Office as well as 34 teachers of our university who were about to go to Singapore to receiving the training attended the briefing presided over by Ma Chunzi, vice-director of The Center for the Development of Faculty Members.  

During the briefing, Ma Chengsheng introduced the basic information of Hanbridge School in Singapore. In addition, he delivered his speech about the purpose and significance of the upcoming training. According to Ma, Xijing University has organized some teachers to go to Singapore to receiving training activities for five times. This is an important measure taken by our university to upgrade the teachers’ professional competence. He hoped that each and every teacher should make good preparation in this training activity, learn and use the advanced teaching idea and methods of Singapore for reference so as to deepen our teaching reform and continuously improve the quality of talent cultivation in our daily teaching work. Ma also hoped that the teachers who were about to go to Singapore should abide by Singaporean law and regulations as well as the regulations of Hanbridge School and mind their manners so as to wrap up this training.  

Ren Changjiang gave clear explanations of this training such as concrete contents, the schedule and points for attention. Centering on the detailed issues, Feng Qinghua fully communicated with the teachers. At the end of the briefing, the leaders participating in the briefing and the teachers took a group photo to mark the occasion.  



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