Students from Our University Achieved Good Results in National Contest of Finance

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On Dec.27, 2018, according to the organizing committee of the contest of the occupational ability of sharing finance in the business elite challenge for national college students, in the final of the national contest of elite in 2018, The representative team composed of the students such as Liu Wenxi, He Lei, Fan Xuechen, Feng Jinyong, He Xin, Wang Siyi and so on won one first award and two second awards after the intense rivalries in the preliminary contest and the final. In addition, Xijing University won Best Organization Award.  

This contest, co-sponsored by CCPIT Commercial Sub-Council, CCOIC Commercial Chamber of Commerce and China Commercial Accounting Institute, is intended for improving the thinking ability, operational ability and teamwork ability on the part of college students so as to promote the cultivation of application-oriented and inter-disciplinary talents with innovative quality and further improve the cultivation quality of skill-based and application-oriented talents in the field of finance and economics.



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