Annual work conference of the Southeast Asia Research Center of Xijing University was held

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On June 12, the annual work conference of the Southeast Asia Research Center of Xijing University was held in No.3 meeting room. Hu Bo, director of the Center, Liu Xuecheng, academic member of Pangoal Institution, Liang Yabin, advanced research fellow and Wang Yue, deputy secretary general of the Institution, Ren Fang, president of our university, Qin Xiaohong, director of Shaanxi New Silk Road Commercial, Trade and Cultural Institute of our university, Xie Junping, dean of School of Foreign Languages, Weng Jianding, director of Center for General Education, Yuan Fang, deputy director of Scientific Research Office as well as Ren Changjiang, deputy director of the Southeast Asia Research Center and relevant teachers attended the conference presided over by Wang Yue.

The Southeast Asia Research Center was jointly established by Xijing University and Pangoal Institute. This conference was aimed at summarizing the research work in the past year and planning the research target, tasks and orientation of the Center in the upcoming two years.

Hu Bo delivered the work report of the Southeast Asia Research Center of Xijing University in the year of 2018 in which he put forth his new thinking and opinions. He pointed out that in the future the Center should increase the frequency of academic exchange activities and hold typical and iconic academic exchange activities. According to him, the Center should attach importance to the mainstream media platform, do well the publicity work and enlarge the influence of the Center by assisting Xijing University.

Liang Yabin as the responsible person of research group gave a full briefing of project research in 2018. According to him, thanks to China’s economic transformation, the desire for high-caliber international talents is steadily on the increase and it is necessary to strengthen regional country-based research and serve the “the Belt and Road” construction. He said that the “going-out” strategy on the part of private higher learning institutions in our country is faced with problems such as foreign exchange control, education certification, language proficiency and management but opportunities have also been brought about at the same time. By taking various measures, the private higher learning institutions in our country can keep on conducting exploration and making improvement so as to continuously increase the quality of the international students in our country and attract overseas students to come to China to pursue further study.

Ren Fang sang high praise for the work report in the year of 2018, thinking that the report is of high referential value. She said that in the future the Southeast Asia Research Center should take the applications for government-funded projects, open projects and scientific research achievements as the main research objectives. On the basis of research, efforts should be made to actively explore how to set up education cooperation and how to apply research fruits to country-based research and exchanges between countries. She proposed that efforts should be made to comprehensively investigate all higher learning institutions in the countries of Southeast Asia and do reorganizational work in aspects such as the history, discipline, specialty introduction and structure of source of students as far as each higher learning institution is concerned before compiling them into books. She emphasized that the Southeast Asia Research Center should grasp the opportunity characterized by the vacancy on the part of the educational research market in Southeast Asian countries. Based on the research achievements of the Center, efforts are made to provide service for the higher learning institutions in related countries so as to strive for becoming an authoritative institute engaged in the educational research of Southeast Asia. At the same time, endeavors are made to actively hold national academic conferences so as to promote the educational exchange and cooperation between the higher learning institutions in the Southeast Asian countries and those in our country, extend the international influence of the Center and enhance the international influence and reputation of our university.


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