The inaugural ceremony of “Melia Institute” was held

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On June 25, “Melia Institute” jointly run by School of Foreign Languages of our university and Meliá Hotels International of Spain was set up, which indicated that the cooperation between our university and Gran Melia Xi’an, Gran Melia Chengdu as well as Gran Melia Zhengzhou has been further deepened.    

It is reported that by carrying out the “step-by-step” talent training and adopting the constant training mode featuring “platform plus modules” lasting four years, the university and the enterprise decide on the internship positions and internship hotels geared to the needs of the students of Melia Institute so as to ensure that the students can be qualified for the junior executive upon their graduation.


  Xiao Jianjun, director of Office of Teaching Affairs, Xie Junping, dean of School of Foreign Languages, Ding Aiqin, responsible person of the major called Tourism & Hotel Management, Mano, general manager, Zhang Na, HR director and Zhang Xiaoling, manager of HR of Gran Melia Xi’an attended the inauguration. In addition, all the faculty members of the Teaching and Research Section of Tourism and Hotel Management as well as 17 students from Melia Institute participated in this inauguration presided over by Meng Wan, manager of recruitment of the hotel.      

At the inauguration, Mr. Mano, on behalf of Gran Melia Xi’an, expressed his warm and cordial anticipation at the enduring and steady cooperation between Gran Melia Xi’an and Xijing University and placed expectations on all the students of Melia Institute.  

Xiao Jianjun extended his warm congratulations on the successful inauguration of "Melia Institute" and thanks to the substantial support of the talent training of our university given by Meliá Hotels International and Gran Melia Xi’an..  


At last, amid a big round of applause by the leaders from our university and the enterprise as well as all the students, Director Xiao and General Manager Mano jointly inked the university-enterprise cooperation agreement and unveiled the nameplate of Melia Institute.  


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