Shaanxi Daily: Xijing University: Cultivate advanced application-oriented talents to serve local economy

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Editor’s note: In recent years, by energetically developing a multi-dimensional system of disciplines, our university has turned out a lot of advanced application-oriented graduates to serve local economy and small and medium-sized enterprises, thus winning high praise from all walks of life. On November 4, Shaanxi Daily, with a title “Xijing University: Cultivate advanced application-oriented talents to serve local economy” in its prominent position on the front page, reported the achievements made by our university in the aspect of helping local economic and social development. The relevant report is as follows:

According to Qin Xiaohong, dean of the School of Business of Xijing University and president of the Institute of the Development of Private Economy and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shaanxi, “The base number of the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shaanxi is relatively large. The proportion of the added value on the part of non-public economy in the GDP of the whole province has reached 54.6%, meaning that a great deal of urban labor force has been employed. It is obvious that private economy has become an indispensable force for Shaanxi to realize its goal characterized by catch-up and transcendence. Compared with provinces with developed economy, the private economy in Shaanxi still lags far behind. Now, private economy urgently needs scientific and technological innovation and intellectual support than ever before. However, the problem characterized by insufficient innovative ability and lack of high-level talents is still prominent. Therefore, conducting comprehensive, characteristic and forward-looking research and social service and cultivating more high-level application-oriented talents for small and medium-sized enterprises to serve the development of private enterprises in Shaanxi and help boost the local economy constitute one of the objectives in terms of the talent cultivation of Xijing University.”

In the past five years, Xijing University has undertaken 15 state-level scientific research projects, 285 provincial or ministerial level and other government-sponsored projects and 1,698 enterprise-sponsored projects with the total expenditure reaching RMB 427 million. In addition, during this period, the faculty members of this university have published 20 monographs and 1,051 retrievable papers and obtained 1,301 authorized patents. According to “The Evaluation Research Report on the Scientific Research Competitiveness of the Private Undergraduate Colleges and Universities in China”, Xijing University has ranked first in terms of scientific research competitiveness for three years on end.


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