Ouyang Xiaoping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to our university for investigation

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On November 5, accompanied by Su Ming, managing vice president of our university, Ouyang Xiaoping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, paid a visit to the neutron laboratory of our university to know about the advancement of the project “Adjoint Alpha Neutron Tube”. Knowing that the “adjoint alpha neutron tube” is stable in its performance, neutron yield has reached 5x107n/s, and all the performances of it have reached or transcended the similar foreign products, he was glad and spoke highly of it. In addition, he suggested that more efforts should be made to enhance the research work including optimized design, selection of materials and technology improvement centering on the performance of “adjoint alpha neutron tube”.  

Later, in the conference room of Building B called “Small Phoenix Villa”, Ouyang listened to Report on the Project of Adjoint Alpha Neutron Tube given by Xi Fanghua, a senior engineer of our university and Report on the Evaluation of the Work of the Engineering and Technological Research Center for Controllable Neutron Source in Shaanxi Province (2018-2019) delivered by Dr. Zheng Xiaohai, a faculty member of our university, respectively.

After the end of the reports, Academician Ouyang held in-depth discussions on related issues with participants at the meeting.


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