The 1st MOOC called “Orienteering” in Shaanxi logged on to the on-line learning platform of national high-quality courses

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The 1st MOOC called “Orienteering” that is targeted at orienteering teaching and lovers of orienteering in our province officially logged on to the “”, the on-line learning platform of national high-quality courses on November 18.

The course was completed with Li Yong, associate professor from the Center for Physical Education in our university as a responsible person and four other faculty members including Kang Jian, Zhou Wei, Gao Xinjian and Zhao Xi (from School of Medicine) as participants.

Orienteering is an emerging sport which attaches equal importance to intelligence and physical strength and integrates sports leisure and sports competition. Taking physical exercise as a major means, it is intended for realizing accurate location and navigation by utilizing the map and compass as main tools. It is a kind of field survival and life ability education that helps people to continuously improve their problem-solving ability and health conditions.

The construction of the course is an active response to the suggest that “Outdoor natural resources should be fully utilized to conduct the education of field survival and life ability” put forth in “The Guidance Outline for the Physical Education Curriculum of General Higher Learning Institutions across the Country”. At the same time, it is also a fresh carrier and effective approach for higher learning institutions to conduct patriotism education, national defense education and environment protection education.



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