The conference of postgraduate education of Xijing University was held

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On December 5, the conference of postgraduate education of Xijing University was held. President Ren Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university Su Hua, Managing Vice-President Su Ming and vice-presidents Ma Chengsheng and Huang Wenzhun attended the conference. Experts and scholars in relevant fields also attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Huang Wenzhun.

The aim of the conference was to have an in-depth understanding of and implement General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping’s important instruction on the work of postgraduate education and the spirit of national postgraduate education conference and make overall planning of the postgraduate education work of our university during the upcoming 14th Five-year Plan period.

The experts present at the conference talked about the development of the postgraduate education of engineering specialties in the new era from the perspectives such as demand background and feature location.

Ren Fang pointed out that the key to implementing the spirit of the national postgraduate education conference is to have a thorough understanding of the connotation concerning the thread of the work characterized by “fostering virtue through education, serving demand, improving quality and striving for excellence”.

According to relevant introduction, since 2011 when our university began to implement the program of cultivating talents to serve the special demand of the country, it has had five professional master’s degree programs and turned out a total of 704 postgraduates.

Ren said that postgraduate education constitutes a major force indicating the high level of a high learning institution. It is also an important support for the university to realize a qualitative leap.

During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, in the field of the cultivation of postgraduate students, the university will energetically boost the organic alignment between professional degree and occupational qualification, further come up with ideas for the compatibility with local strategic supportive industries, make optimum adjustment and form a number of research orientations with striking characteristics so as to cultivate high-level professional talents adapted to the forefront of production.


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