Our university won the title of an advanced entity in “Western Project” of Shaanxi

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The expedition ceremony for the college students who as volunteers participate in the project of serving the western region and the team of the selected postgraduates to be dispatched to remote primary and middle schools as teachers in Shaanxi in 2021 was held. And our university was awarded an honorary title of “an Advanced Entity in the Project of Serving the Western Region Targeted at the College Students as Volunteers in Shaanxi Province”.

A total of more than 700 people including Gao Ling, vice-director of the Provincial Education Department, Jia Lin, deputy secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Ding Wuqiang, a fourth-level investigator from the Administration Office under the Provincial Finance Department, Wei Wei, deputy director of the Office of Personnel Management for Public Institutions under the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security as well as the main leaders of various project offices, newly recruited volunteers for the Western Project and members of the team of selected postgraduates dispatched to remote primary and middle schools as teachers attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by Chen Xiaohua, a second-level investigator from the Department of Social Undertakings for the Youth under the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League.

In 2003, Xijing University began to implement the project for college student to serve the western region as volunteers. Up to now, a total of 482 college students as volunteers have participated in the western project to go to many places such as Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Tibet and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to conduct voluntary service. In the past 19 years, by virtue of their positive spiritual state and practical work style, the selected volunteers of our university have received the recognition and praise from the local leaders and civilians. In 2021, a total of 529 students signed up for the project. Through steps such as written examination, interview and psychological test, finally, 22 outstanding graduates were selected as volunteers for the Western Project. They have gone to places such as Shaanxi, Xijiang, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Tibet and Gansu to offer their voluntary service.

                                    The exam for recruiting the volunteers for “Western Project” in Xijing University in 2021 was held.


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