Students from our university won a first prize in the 14th National 3D Digitalized Innovative Design Competition

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Recently, the annual final of the 14th National 3D Digitalized Innovative Design Competition (“National 3D Competition for short) has come to a close. The entry called “multi-functional electrically-powered wheel-chair bed” designed by the students from our university was rated as the first prize at the national level. The entry entitled “Quick Carton Sealing Machine” was awarded the second prize at the national level. Entries including “Dot Matrix Micro-Nozzle Dispensing System” and “Snow-removing and Ice-breaking Machine for Expressway” were ranked as the third prizes at the national level. In addition, the participants from our university won 4 grand prizes, three first prizes and one third prize at the provincial level. Xiao Chuanjun won an outstanding mentor-teacher award.

The national 3D competition is a large-scale non-profit competition launched in the context that our country is vigorously promoting the innovation-driven development so as to realize the transformation from “a manufacturing country” to “a creative country”, embodying the requirements in scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading. By linking education, related industries as well as businesses and the government, the competition is characterized by continuously deepening the integration of production and education, continuously strengthening the interaction between the government, industries, research, application and capital and increasingly intensifying the cooperation and alignment between technologies, talents and industrial projects as well as the role played as an industrial ecological platform. Now, it has become a non-profit brand competition with the largest scale, the highest standard and level and the most far-reaching influence across the country. The competition and the grand industrial meeting “three-dimensional digitalization plus innovative design” are jointly called “the carnival of makers”, “3D Olympic” or “Oscar in innovative design” by the industry. The following is the list of the prize-winners in the 14th national 3D Digitalized Innovative Design Competition

The themes of the competition are new retail, new design and new manufacturing. After two rounds of selection at the university level and at the provincial level, a total of more than 800 teams from 305 higher learning institutions throughout the country succeeded in advancing to the national competition to compete for prizes.

A total of 32 students majoring in mechanical design, manufacture and automation as well as industrial design participated in this competition. Through their active preparation and repeated modification of their entries, the students made improvement in their knowledge-related application capability, hands-on capability and innovative capability. The achievements obtained in this competition bespoke not only the painstaking efforts made by the students but also the fruitful result of our university in training students’ innovation ability and practical ability.


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